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North Shuswap - consist of several small communities on the north side of the Shuswap Lake Arm:

  • Anglemont
    Anglemont is one of the prettier places in BC, with beautiful views of Shuswap Lake and Copper Island. Anglemont offers first rate snowmobiling on Crowfoot Mountain, and golfing at Anglemont Estates Golf and Country Club.
  • Celista
    Celista is a quiet vacation spot with wonderful views and sunsets. There is easy access to parks and the clear and warm lake waters, and winter snowmobiling right to your back door.
  • Lee Creek
    Lee Creek is located in a peaceful, pastoral setting near the mouth of the Adams River, adjacent to Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park, home to the world's largest salmon spawning ground. Country lanes, waterfalls, and picnic spots abound in Lee Creek, which is a 5-minute drive north of the Trans-Canada Highway 1.
  • Magna Bay
    The small community of Magna Bay is located on magnificent Magna Bay, at the mouth of Ross Creek, between Celista and Anglemont. Wide sandy beach.
  • Scotch Creek
    A community of approximately 500 permanent residents, Scotch Creek is home to the famous Shuswap Provincial Park. Scotch Creek area offers accommodation, restaurants and pubs, seasonal interest shops, craft galleries, and a variety of family entertainment.
  • Seymour Arm
    Located at the head of Seymour Arm, this small community has roots that date back to the gold rush. This is where the real wilderness begins and the forests grow right down to the water's edge. One trail leads to the impressive Seymour Falls, another to Anstey Arm.
  • St. Ives
    The serene community of St. Ives is located on the northwest end of Shuswap Lake Main Arm, at the end of the paved Squilax-Anglemont Road, 29 miles (46 km) from the Trans-Canada Highway 1. Features include a public beach, Horseshoe Bay Park, and safe anchorage is available in Horseshoe Bay.
  • Albas
    Located on the northwest end of Seymour Arm, Albas Park has a small 5-site campground south of Blueberry Creek. An undeveloped camping area is found near the mouth of Celesta Creek. A trail begins near Steamboat Bay, follows Celesta Creek upstream for approximately 1.5 km, then crosses the creek and returns to the lake. Noted for a series of beautiful waterfalls and some interesting features from early logging days. Bears are frequent visitors in Albas Park.

Population: 3200

Location: Trans-Canada Highway 1 to Squilax Anglemont Rd. North Shuswap> access west of Salmon Arm.


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