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The Shuswap Trail Alliance
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The Shuswap Trail Alliance

Salmon Arm BC

The Shuswap Trails website is dedicated to helping people from around the world find their trail in the Shuswap. Whether it be by foot, by mountain bike, by horseback, or by canoe, this site will guide you towards amazing trail experiences in the sunny Shuswap.

The Basics

Tips for Safety

  • Bring applicable maps, along with a compass or GPS device.
  • Wear appropriate footwear and clothing, and bring sufficient food and water.
  • Carry identification (including name, phone number and pertinent medical information), and record your bicycle serial number
  • Bring a portable phone or other communication device, along with pertinent phone numbers (ie. emergency numbers)
  • Travel with a partner whne possible
  • Stay alert, be observant about your surroundings, avoid areas where visibility is poor, and don't wear headsets.
  • Avoid unfamiliar areas when on the trails alone and follow your intuition about unfamiliar people.
  • Trail are shared by a variety of users at the same time. Please be courteous to all users, and remeber that pedestrians have the right-of-way. Stay to the right of the trails.
  • Cyclists should pull off the trail when stopping, give a voice, bell, or horn warning when passing others, wear helmets and ride at reasonable speeds.
  • Wear reflective material and carry a whistle or a noisemaker.
  • Where pets are allowed, keep them on a leash and clean up after them.


  • Always go prepared and use your common sense
  • Always tell someone when and where you are going
  • Many trails are not maintained - use at your own risk
  • Many trails are accessible only by active logging roads requiring 2-way radio communication, or deactivated logging roads requiring four-wheel drive or high-clearance vehicles.
  • Watch for wildlife and avoid areas showing recent signs of black bears, grizzly bears and cougars.
  • Before heading out, check with local contactsto make sure the trails and roads are safe.



Special Things To Know

Trail Work Parties 2009

Date Location Lunch Sponsor
May 9, 2009 Park Hill Trails, Salmon Arm Tim Horton's
June 6, 2009 Hyde Mountain Lookout, Sicamous Kiesan Contracting
July 11, 2009 Reinecker Creek, Sunnybrae Tim Horton's
August 22, 2009 Rubberhead, Salmon Arm Lakeside Insurance
October 10, 2009 TBD Tim Horton's





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